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Housing Authority takes Gary restaurant property on Broadway

October 18th 2019 5:26PM
The GHA board approved the eminent domain resolution Sept. ... It said sale disclosure not needed, so we surmise property was given and not sold.”.

Ambrose says city making it 'impossible' for firm to sell Waterside land

October 18th 2019 4:30PM
But an Oct. 2 letter from the city offering to buy the property—or, alternatively, to take it by force using eminent domain—derailed efforts to market and ...

Exact Match Domain Names Yielding “Free Ticket to Ride” Long Over on Search Giant

October 18th 2019 4:07PM
PALM BEACH, FL – Exact match domain names, URLs which are spelled ... Imagine what gTLD sales would look like if that were removed from the ...

Domain Squatting Usa

October 18th 2019 3:17PM
The domain name (without content) is available for sale by its owner through Sedo's Domain Marketplace. State of California. The digital mishap is the ...

Sedo removes appraisal requirement on $50k+ domains

October 18th 2019 2:48PM
Earlier this year, it dropped its minimum commission on domain sales and lowered minimum sales amounts from $90 to $20, making it easier to sell ...

Norfolk's new pro-casino group looks like it's citizen led. It's actually backed by the tribe's PR firm.

October 18th 2019 2:37PM
... the land sale would go to her alma mater, Booker T. Washington High School. ... If you think to check who owns the domain for the group's website, ...

Brandsight Hiring Account Manager

October 18th 2019 2:15PM
Brandsight is a corporate domain name management and advisory firm. ... The company also provides strategic advise to clients on their domain name .... The publication is a news source for domain name sales, domain industry ...
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