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Sold for $50k, in Expiry Auction

December 10th 2019 6:45PM
In 2015, was reportedly sold for $50,000 via Flippa. The sale was reported by and other domain investment ...

“Fast Transfer means Fast Transfer not Fast Payment”

December 10th 2019 5:48PM
So we could use a third party to help mitigate fraud or help with the processes of the partner site the domain is sold on, but that introduces more friction ...

Domain 2 NeoCyber (Fully Furnished) ON SALES

December 10th 2019 5:34PM
Domain 2 @ Cyberjaya FOR SALES!!! Property Details:- - 600 sqft - 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom - Fully Furnished (Kitchen Cabinet, Fan, Air-conds, ...

Man sentenced to prison after assault of domain na...

December 10th 2019 5:34PM
I wanted a specific domain name of a deceased loved one. I approached the domain parker and asked what they wanted for it. He wanted 200k and ...

Parents warned over 'cheap but fake' LOL Dolls that contain deadly chemicals

December 10th 2019 4:54PM
For online purchases, people should also check where a website domain is registered – many websites selling fake items have their domains ...

Knup Solutions Launches iGaming Domain Sales Website

December 10th 2019 4:18PM
The site officially launched this week has almost 500 gambling domain names for sale related to core igaming categories such as sports betting, ...

ICANN delays .Org sale approval, calls for more transparency

December 10th 2019 4:15PM
ICANN has delayed its approval of the sale of .Org to private equity company Ethos Capital by requesting more information. According to its contract ...
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